Managed Services

Managed Services


Our managed services are all inclusive. Labor for the devices we cover are included into our monthly service plan. Whether that be speed troubleshooting, internet connection issues, hardware integrity checks and more.

Cloud and Local Backup Plans

Your data is one of the most valuable assets of your business. You need a comprehensive backup plan to ensure you never lose any data which may cost thousands in downtime and loss of business. With our backup services you can rest assured whenever and whatever you may lose or need to recover is available. 

Windows Updates

Never get interrupted mid workday by those annoying windows update popups. Allow us to control your update schedule, whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly we can accommodate your needs without interrupting employees.

Software and Firmware Updates

New features and bug patches are constantly being released for third party software and hardware. Be confident with our managed services that you are always running the latest versions and utilizing all the newest features of your products.

Remote Desktop Connection

Having an issue with a computer or piece of software? We can remote connect to your systems to ensure a speedy and convenient resolution. This allows us to resolve all your problems no matter where you or where we are.

Easy Ticketing System

Submit support tickets to us easily right from the desktop task bar, enter your email and you'll receive a confirmation and ticket number.