Cyber Security

Cyber Security, Ransomeware, Malware, Virus

Multi Layered Defense

With multiple layers of security you can be confident that your network and data are secure. Prevent nasty ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, and malware from causing you any down time.

First Layer

The first layer starts with you. We provide extensive hands on training with your employees about safe network practices. 80 perecent of all threats can be prevented with simple secruity practices and awareness.

Second Layer

All of your network traffic starts and flows through one place, your server. With our advanced next Gen series of firewalls we ensure that any connection on your network is secure, filtered, and authenticated before any traffic can flow through.

Third Layer

Email is the primary from of communication in business, with millions of emails being sent and received every day it would only make sense that this is the most common area for a network breach. Our email filtering and security scans removes all threats before you can even open the email.

Forth Layer

The final layer is our advanced end point protection. With our software installed on your devices we will deep scan every file to make sure that there is no hidden threats on all your devices.