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MEET THE OWNER - Anthony Rodriguez

As a young boy, the satisfaction of deciphering a Mathematical problem, brain teasers and the exuberance of puzzles –especially Legos – became a passion.

As a major in Information Technology at Nassau Community College, my childhood devotions became my career. In college, I was challenged to improve my tinkering with technology and programming skills. Programming was the first time I felt my analytical interest peak in something other than math and puzzles. You feel a sense of achievement when you get your code to work the way you intended. On the other hand, Building computers felt nostalgic – like Legos but more advanced. There is almost nothing more fulfilling than building your own computer, piecing it together and then watching it come to life for the first time.

My first real work experience that fueled this business was to build a custom invoicing program for a friend who was transitioning from a program that was written in the 90’s. The way I felt I honestly can not explain. I couldn’t wait to get home from work just to work on this project. There was passion, excitement, joy and ambition. That was the first sign that I should make this into a career. Seeing my clients face of amazement every week when I checked in and demoed the project as it progressed, was priceless. The fact that there was not a single bug in the program from the day I published it live, that is when I was confident I would be successful in this industry. 

Now over 10 years later we provide I.T. services to corporate, government, and consumers.

We specialize in Cyber security and IT Managed Services. Services include Firewall and web filtering, data backup/disaster recovery, Anti-Malware, PC/Server health monitoring, software/ web development, and so much more! 

DataCrunch Founder & Owner - Anthony Rodriguez

DataCrunch Founder & Owner - Anthony Rodriguez